The First Super Human In The Bible Was A Black Ethiopian…?

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Many followers of sacred texts such as the Bible & Quran may have heard of Enoch. But how many truly know the story of Enoch? We will present factual evidence that supports the idea that one of the first Superhuman recorded in biblical text was indeed a Black Ethiopian. We will also explore the possibility that the only reason why he wasn’t mention more in these sacred books was due to the undeniable identity of his race and ethic origin.
(*side note, there are two Enoch mention in the sacred text, we are discussing the Son of Jared Enoch not the son of Cain).

Before we begin, we would like to provide a foundation in which we will build upon. Consider the following:
According to Carl C. Nichols, Short Story of the English Bible, The first written languages used for the Bible were the ancient African languages of Egyptian, Gecez, Amharic, Aramaic, Phoenician-Hebrew. If you review the section “What do you know about the word Amen” we provide information that supports this claim. Like many other developments in society, religion, arts, sciences, etc.. originated out of Africa.

With the discovery of manuscripts pertaining to Enoch in 1952 amongst the Dead Sea Scrolls which is a collection of 972 ancient text discovered over a 10 year period 1946-1956 in Jordan. At Qumran Cave 4, the book entitled 1 Enoch or Ethiopic Enoch was identified.
The Greatest Revelation and Biblical Mystery Since The discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls is Enoch the Patriarch (Gen.5:18), the hidden Prophet, the First Ascender and Immortal (Gen.5:24). Enoch has been described as the second most powerful man in the Bible, The Lost Prophet of the Bible, Enoch The Ethopian, pg.8.

Enoch The Ethiopian

Enoch The Ethiopian

According the Biblical text Enoch possess the following:

The Seventh Seed of Adam (This is important for later)
The Great Grand Father of Noah
The Father of Methuselah
The Son of Jared.
The First Man to have “walked with God” for 300 years (Gen.5:22,24)
He lived for 65 years and walked with God for 300 years for a total of 365 before God took him.
First man to defeat death and conquer mortality.
One of Three men ever to ascend body and soul, into heaven. Enoch was the first to do so without experiencing death.

Enoch was been linked to having “Superhuman knowledge” possessing traits that neither Abraham nor Moses acquired.
Only two figures in the Bible is credited with living a “perfect” life, Enoch was the first and Christ was second.
Enoch was a prophet as well predicting the coming of “The Messiah”, the Deluge, etc…

The Hebrew Book of Enoch informs us that Enoch was taken from this world because of his perfect righteousness and in his capacity as the perfect witness. Thus it states: “Enoch [was] removed from earth qua Perfect Righteous or qua Witness. The occasion of Enoch’s translation to heaven was…on account of the sins of contemporary humanity. Enoch [was] being removed… in his character of the only perfect saint of his time… Hugo Odeberg, ed., New York: KTAV Publishing House, Inc., 1973, pg.80 Prophet of the Bible, Enoch The Ethopian, pg.8.

How can a person with these “Superhuman” attributes be overlooked or not heavily mention in sacred texts and some religious communities? In a system of white supremacy consider the following as supporting reasons why Enoch would be left out of the bible and other sacred text.

Enoch being a Black Ethiopian means the following:
There is an established Black Seed in the lineage of a family line that goes back to Eve and Adam. Therefore everything before it and after it contains that dominant Black Seed. Meaning those that came before Enoch and after Enoch would logically possess the dominant Black trait as well. Remember Enoch is only 7th seed of Eve and Adam. If that being the case, that practically changes “Everything” established through the lies of white supremacy.  Evidence which supports Enoch being Ethiopian, simply establishes African origins from the beginning meaning Abraham, Moses, Noah, Methuselah, etc…

There is further evidence to support these claims throughout many sacred text. For an example, Sir T.W. Arnold indicated that: “According to Mohammedan tradition, Moses was a black man as may be seen from the following passage in the Koran, ‘Now draw thy hand close to thy side; it shall come forth white but unhurt’~ another sign (XX,23). ‘Then he drew forth is hand and lo! it was white to the beholders. The nobles of Pharaoh said, ‘Verily this is an expert enchanter.'” .. The miracle lay in turning a black skin white, and tuning it black again. Hence the perfect logic of the Mohammedan belief that Moses was a Black” As the bible says, Moses was learned in all the wisdom of the Egyptians. The Lost Prophet of the Bible, Enoch The Ethopian, pg.104.
J.A. Roger, Sex and Race, Vol I. Moses, “origins is certainly Egyptian, for the name is Egyptian provenance.”
Encyclopedia Britannica Vol. 8, Chicago, Ill., William Benton Publ., 1973  

More supporting evidence that Enoch was a Black Ethiopian:
His book is found complete only in Ethiopic.
His work is canonized almost exclusively by the classic Ethiopian Falasha Temple (Church) and the Coptic Church in Ge’ez which points to a recognition of a native son and ancestor since Ethiopia houses the oldest Hebrew-Israelite and Christian traditions and peoples.
Ge’ez is actually the oldest Semtic language in existence and it is known as classic Ethiopic.
Out of Ge’ez came “Amharic, the official language of Ethiopia,” according to Funk & Wagnalls, New Standard Encyclopedia of Universal Knowledge, pg. 297-298.
The first book of Enoch is in fact called the Ethopic Enoch, and parts of it were found among the Dead Sea Scrolls.
The Lost Prophet of the Bible, Enoch The Ethopian, pg.89.

Here at “Youaremoor” please don’t simply believe what we have written here.
Please do your own independent research. Learn to think for yourself.




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