Who says 70's old?

70 Years Old?

Ernestine Shepherd Sam Bright Jr. Once you change your mind regarding a situation, that situation changes entirely. Change your mind and enhance your temple!
Leo Muhammed

Leo Muhammad speaks of racism in the world

Leo Muhammad speaks of racism in the world.

The First Super Human In The Bible Was A Black Ethiopian…?

Many followers of sacred texts such as the Bible & Quran may have heard of Enoch. But how many truly know...

Amen is not the end of a prayer but only a beginning

Many conclude prayer by saying Amen. Most know Amen to be an affirmation, “so be it”, “truly”,  “let it be”, etc.. This...
Dr. Martin Luther King, I'm black and I'm proud...

Dr.Martin Luther King…I’m Black and I’m Proud!

Have you heard this speech from Dr. Martin Luther King?  

Why Did You Make Me Black Lord ?…

Why Did You Make Me Black Lord ?… Lord …. Why did you make me black? Why did you make someone the world would...
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